I’m Back!


Well it’s been about 10 months since I last left my mark in the blogging world. Many distractions come and go that can cause someone to get off track and go on another. That’s what happened to me when financial aid never kicked in and I was never able to apply for Federal Work Study. After finally getting financials in line, I was able to apply last week! I now am able to blog again for the first time in almost a year. After such a big break of writing, I’m now obligated to catch up!

Many ideas pop up in my head but the one thing that everyone knows about me, I write about my football experiences here on campus.  That’s what makes me unique as a writer. Football season just recently finished but there’s still some recapping to do of each game. I will write about every game and experience from the recent season when our overall record was 5-5. Very easily could have been a 10-0 record. Games lost this year were by a combined 25 points! That means we lost every game by 5 points, if you look at it that way! That means each game was at most a lost by only a touchdown. We faced much adversity and still came in strong to finish as a top 2 team in today’s modern era of Gallaudet football.


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