I am exploding out of the classroom. How many days until graduation? I am loving my classes. Senior year is treating me well. Our team has a very good chance of making Gallaudet history and winning NEAC Champs if our conference… EEEEP!!! 😀 You betcha I’m living out of my swim locker. Life is good on Kendall Green 🙂

GSR seems like it will be stimulating this semester. I wish more classes were formatted similar to the capstone… so far.

Over and out.


One Response to “Exploding”

  1. Melissa S. Says:

    Hi I understand that you are a senior so you are probably extremely busy but I am a student from AU doing a PSA on deaf awareness. I am trying to find someone who I can record signing the PSA. The PSA’s focus is on the importance of sign language and everyone’s need to recognize it and incorporate it into society. I read on your bio that you are an interpretation major so if you want to or if you know anybody who would like to do this I would love to know. Sorry again for the randomness of this message and have a great rest of your senior year!

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