Internship Madness


There are so many options! I am at the point in my program where my classmates and I are exploring outside the classroom, in real life interpreting situations (final semester as an undergraduate- BA in Interpretation). It is great! I feel like their is an entire world of opportunities for us, and we just need to pick our path. The hard work and long nights have paid off. Upcoming graduation is making me feel a little giddy… 😀

Grad school and a REAL job profession seems to be on my mind and in my future. Ohhh nice…. “professional“. 🙂


2 Responses to “Internship Madness”

  1. laurel Says:

    hi kate

    I am a hearing ASL/English interpreter program student in New Jersey (first year and LOVING it). I check out GU from time to time to look for Deaf events and noticed your Gblog today. Congratulations in advance on your upcoming graduation. Since you are a senior, in the interpreter program, would you be able to share any advice or information on what it is like? thanks a bunch

  2. FMF Says:

    I look forward to seeing you march across that stage!!!!

    Not too long now:-)


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