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Wow… another whirlwind of a semester and I’m sure any other student would tell you the same (unless they have confined themselves to an isolated dorm room the entire semester). Finals are fast approaching HERE and I spent the majority of my day sitting a the kitchen table trying to crack out a killer paper to pass my GSR class. I now have a much better understanding of the legal issues surrounding gifted education… but I really don’t feel like typing about that anymore until tomorrow when I wrap it up. 🙂

Swimming is AWESOME. I love escaping the stress of life to my under water world, even though I am apparently not moving my arms fast enough. What can I say? I like to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness and gliding through the water more than feeling like a manic kayak paddle flailing my arms only to become worn out… hehehe (sorry coach).

Since I last posted I have moved to a new place. A move during finals isn’t my idea of fun. Thankfully, I have a few friends with SUV’s and kind hearts who were willing to help me haul my precious things (downsizing is not only for hoarders *ahem*). I miss the time when I could fit everything I own in my cavalier. I want that again-so simple…My new roommates are great and I feel like I am the newly adopted addition to a family in this house. Another perk of off-campus living: pets 🙂 Specifically someone’s cute little kitten that has been exploring my piles of boxes since I arrived.

Lastly, school is insane. By school I mean stepping on the campus of Gallaudet University. . . DeafHearingLanguageUseHearingSpaceAudismASLDeafnessdeafnessNewSigners BAHH

There is a lot of talk going on. See the BnB articles about What/Who is Gallaudet and you may feel the hostility too. All I can do is be myself and treat people how I want to be treated. I expect the same from the people I surround myself with too…

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Off to Minnesota in less than a week, excuse the lack of blogging while I get back to passing my finals 🙂



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