Few days before Thanksgiving


I can’t believe that it is nearly December. By January, my junior year will be halfway done, which means that I will be a senior soon. Perhaps too soon. 🙂

Last homecoming my swim team won, and I am proud of my swim team. We went to Maryland to compete against St. Mary’s College. Unfortunately we lost; however, on the bright side we enjoyed the competition because we all worked hard.

The pool at St. Mary's College

I have been busy due to my hectic schedule, which consists of six classes, my job as a RA, and being on the swim team. I recently declared my minor in psychology, and I think I will hold off on declaring my minor in Spanish until next semester because I need to focus on classes and what needs to be done as soon as possible. As of right now I am doing OK in my classes. In a way I am doing good, but at the same time, being a perfectionist, I could have done better when looking back on this semester. In a dichotomous way I am being lazy when it comes to homework and studying for exams, but at the same time I am catching up on homework and studying for exams. Doesn’t make sense? I think so, but hey so far it is kind of working out for me.

I am not going home for Thanksgiving because the airplane ticket is expensive, and it is only a five-days break, so why bother? I will be going home for Christmas anyways. During the Thanksgiving break, I will work and go to New York City on Black Friday. I am excited because it’ll be my second time going to New York City. My friend and I will join up with another friend who lives in Long Island, and she will show us around. We have several plans in NYC, which consists of going to Serendipity 3 (a must for me because it was featured on Oprah), museum of sex, and perhaps going to a deaf event that night.


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