Living Off Campus


Sadly (and thankfully), I have never lived in the Gallaudet dorms.

My first and only dorm room was Moorhead, MN… During my NSO week, at about 7am a freshman walked into my room and pissed all over the floor (wrong room, wrong floor, and waaasteddd). I was not a fan of on campus living.

Living on campus at Gallaudet has always been a little tempting, but for me financially it isn’t a feasible option. I do feel like I miss out on constant socialization, easy access to classes and food, and weekend gatherings…

BUT off campus I have my own kitchen, room, and laundry machine. I have lived with other Gallaudet students or alumni, and I see my friends all the time. My off campus life has branched into a DC life. I feel like part of a larger community here, and I am comfortable with my surroundings.

Many people say the neighborhood surrounding Gallaudet is a little sketchy- which is partially true. I have heard and seen gun shot wounds, and had the police in my house or banging on my door. Fortunately,  the scary stuff doesn’t happen much until you are walking alone or late at night… and thankfully never to me. *knock knock on wood*

As always, it is important to be very aware of your surroundings, but I like to think DC has taught me a little street smarts. Say “Hi” to the locals and you can become one. 🙂



One Response to “Living Off Campus”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Hi Kate!

    My name is Ruth and I’m writing a mini-research paper about the Gallaudet community. Do you think I could email you a couple questions about your experiences living off-campus? My email is I’d really appreciate it!

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