You Can Thank Dr. Stremlau


One of reasons why I am writing again, I am taking creative writing class, which require lot of writing. I am in progress of creating a fiction story, which will be 25 pages long and that makes me miss writing about real stuff- my life. So here goes..

The summer I just had consisted: snowboarding in mammoth, road tripping around the New England coast, and working at Camp Mark Seven. Oh didn’t I mention that I now own a long board too? All it took was a summer to realize that shredding and the concept of riding is necessary in life. After shredding and falling hard on the powdered slopes, I have discovered the excitement of riding. Yes this is the feminine Clara typing here; stating that she rides.

And the summer went well.

Fall semester 2010, I was so pumped for it. I didn’t know what was in the store for me but I like what I have so far. I have successfully declared my major: Communication Studies & Sociology with concretion in criminology and English minor. One of the common problems I recognize is the Deaf people’s knowledge in the criminal justice system. It does underpin the reason why I am majoring in sociology with concretion in criminology.

I am currently working on my research project proposal that will take yearlong work of researching next year. I will observe the knowledge that Deaf people have in the criminal justice system. I am more interested in knowing what their knowledge of restraining orders, probation system, the protocols of court are, and etc. After finding the data, my goal is to be able to mend the problem because it is clearly fixable but nobody is doing that. The word for that? Apathy.

On the bright side, there’s a hint of fall in the air. I love the autumn, the season for pumpkin ale, warm spices, and lots of chai lattes! It is when I lick things up from my finger and lap it all up. I would recommend you guys to stop by Sova’s on H st and grab a latte, do the homework with their free wifi.

It is really good being back in District of Columbia. I love how things integrate here, with tattooed people, places like national cathedral, and great food such as heirloom tomato salad with fresh basil. You can go to Dupont Circle and do people watch as often as you want to without feeling like a fool because others go there to do just the same thing. That’s one of the perks of DC- and a student spotted a Supreme Court justice; Sonia Sotomayer shopping at the Eastern Market. Where else can you find moments like that?

Until I write again,



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