Halfway past September


I haven’t updated in a while. My life has been hectic since the first day I arrived here at Gallaudet this fall. Fall is rapidly catching up to us, and people are starting to wear more and more layered clothes. I have been very busy because I am taking seven classes, I have a job, and I am on the swim team. Because of my busy schedule, I have to use my free time doing homework and spend as much as I can with friends. I’d have to say that the most favorite thing I love about this fall is that I am on the swim team. I started practicing on Sept 9th, and I already lost five lbs. I gained 33 lbs last year, which was totally uncool, so this year I decided to force myself to exercise as much as I can because I don’t want my weight to negatively affect my future especially my health. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by February.

This Tuesday I will finally announce my major in International Studies. I am considering about minoring in Spanish or history, but I am not sure. Maybe I can major in International Studies and double-minor in Spanish and history.

I can’t wait for October to come because it is when the weather becomes cooler and Gallaudet becomes spooky in a good way. I already have a lot of plans for October: go to that haunted prison in Pennsylvania, doing a scary movie marathon, pulling Halloween pranks, going to cemeteries especially Arlington Cemetery, and the hot Sticky Rice date with my suite-mates. I love, love, love, love cemeteries especially in fall and winter, and my friend, a fifth-year student at Gallaudet, has never gone to Arlington Cemetery before. It’s absolutely a must for people living in Washington, DC to visit Arlington Cemetery because we are living in the heart of American politics, and soldiers and nurses buried there were the ones who fought for our country. I don’t often become patriotic, but Arlington Cemetery is a wonderful place for Americans to be proud of their country. My suite-mates have never been to Sticky Rice, a popular sushi restaurant for Gallaudetians, so I promised to take them out on a hot G-rated date in October.


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