Here’s to a new school year…


And so a new school year has come upon us. I am more excited than usual about this year as it is my last at Gallaudet as an undergraduate {insert tears}. Now don’t take that the wrong way. I am sad that I will be leaving Gallaudet and most of my friends behind as they will not be graduating with me but I am happy to see the end of such a long period that spanned 6 years of my life (well 4 if you count the fact that I lost a year transferring between states and I couldn’t always go full-time). I am excited to have all my family come in from Florida and celebrate such a joyous occasion with me as well.

This year is sure to be promising as I will definitely be trying to spread my wings and be more involved. Last year, being in a new school and environment, was a time for feeling everything out, feeling the other students out, teachers, blah blah blah… This year is a time to make sure I am seen and heard from. This year is also certain to be a busy one. I have made the decision to continue on to grad school for Clinical Psychology, which is an exhausting process in itself. Naturally, I will be applying at my beloved school, Gally.

So with that said here’s to a wonderful school term for everyone. And to those who didn’t come back we hope to see you again soon!


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