A New Play!


Wow! Today’s the Day! Today I start my second year at Gallaudet and my second semester as a Theatre Arts Major! As I type right now, I am so tired but I have a performance at 2 pm, so hopefully my energy will perk up by then! Today, I am going to move from off to on campus, specifically, Carlin Hall. For the past three months I have been performing with an superb cast consisting entirely of Gallaudet Theatre Arts majors. I must tell you, those people have been bloody awesome to work with. Especially Colin Analco, as a fellow actor, I am especially impressed and taken back by his work! I suggest you come to Gallaudet to see “Noises Off” directed by Joey Caverly and Jacob Fisher, fact: Joey is also my fellow cast member in “UNContentED Love”, and four of the members from UNContentED Love will be involved with the Noises Off Productions!
As for me, I have an exciting project to do this semester! Unfortunately for you, the readers, that will be the subject of my next blog! I also want to use this opportunity to promote an exciting event happening at Gallaudet, also in Nov! The World Deaf Cinema Festival on November 4-7, 2010! Yours truly will blog live from WDCF this fall, watch out for a new wordpress page devoted to WDCF stuff! Come and see the future of Deaf Cinema! Http://wdcf.gallaudet.edu. Before I sign off to start the second act of my college years, I want to say, Break a finger to the promising actors/actresses everywhere! Au Reviour!


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