My Summer Internship


I can’t believe I haven’t posted this already! Prepare yourself for lots of posts from me this summer, telling you all about my internship in Japan!

Originally, the internship was for someone else, but that person was unable to do it. So the Career Center asked my major department (Deaf Studies) for nominations. I was one of three names submitted, and I got the internship!

My first reaction was that stuff like this never happens to me, because I don’t seek it out. If you want something, you have to go get it! But I don’t, so I just stay home most of the time. Well, this one fell in my lap, so I’m going to Japan!

I will be tutoring deaf Japanese college students in English and ASL, and they will teach me Japanese Sign Language (JSL). I have the movie “I Love You” so I have watched that, and so far I can say deaf, hearing, what?, and yes. That’s it! So I am going to a country where I don’t speak the language, and it will be quite an adventure!

I leave on May 13th, a week from tomorrow. NEXT-WEEK THURSDAY oh wow! I will be sure to keep everybody posted!


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