Last week of every academic year


I gotta confess something about the last week of every academic year. During the academic year I would work hard to maintain good grades and a high GPA; however, it is always a guarantee that all the burning motivation inside me gets completely flamed out by the last week of each academic year. It is like every time I see the shining light at the end of the tunnel, I automatically give up. Nearly every body I know goes through that.

Sadly I have two essays due tomorrow, and I haven’t begun them. Do not take me wrong; I actually work my ass off, but it is just that the last week is always painful for me. All Gallaudetians who live on the campus always scramble to find a place to keep their stuff through the summer. All of us race to clean our rooms, pack our stuff, finish our final projects, type down essays at the crack of the dawn, and drink a lot of energy drinks. That is exactly why I hate the last week of school.

Six days left of being a sophomore.


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