My name is Lisa Craig, and I am currently a sophomore at Gallaudet University even though I don’t exactly consider myself a sophomore anymore since there is only one week of school left. I have been an avid blogger for seven years, and I doubt I will stop blogging any time soon.

I am still astonished that I will be a junior this fall because I still remember the first day of going to Gallaudet pretty vividly. I feel as if the first day of my freshman year was only yesterday, but at the same time it was nearly two years ago.

Anyways, I will do a survey of the questions commonly asked at Gally, so the readers will get an idea of who I am.

Name: Lisa Craig

Class status: Currently a sophomore

Age: Almost 21 years old!  48 days to go, yippee!

Hometown: Benton, Arkansas. I usually tell people that I am from Little Rock because Benton is only 20 miles south of Little Rock, and many people from other states have only heard of Little Rock.

Deaf or hearing family: I am from a Deaf family. In my family there has been fifth generations of Deaf people (according to what my family know so far…), and I am the last generation of Deaf people in my family.

Mainstream or school for the deaf:  I went to Arkansas School for the Deaf the first four academic years of my life, but after that I transferred to a public school in my hometown.

Major: Gallaudet is about to establish a new major called International Studies. I am very excited about it because I have always wanted to travel around the world and help people in need. Hopefully, that major will be fully approved in a month. I am also planning to either minor or major in Spanish in order to boost my communication skills. I fully intend to work in another country some day.

Goals after graduation: I plan to join the Peace Corps and work there for three or four years and then join the FBI or an anti-human trafficking organization. The human trafficking enterprise is the second largest criminal industry in the world. Unfortunately, people with disabilities are more likely to be targeted by human traffickers, so I would like to work with those people some day to help improving their lives. But if my life doesn’t go down that path as I hope it would, ah… I am open to new possibilities.

My plans for Junior year:

1)   Make good grades

2)   Join the swim team

3)   Possibly rush for a sorority

4)   Continually work as a Resident Assistant

5)   Keep up with my Vegetarian diet

I have a lot of things to talk about my time at Gallaudet; however, I will take my time to write those entries, so nobody would be spammed by too many entries in one day.


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