Snowpocalypse Aftermath


Hello again, my fellow readers!

The campus is recuperating after the week long break we all received when the snow gods mercifully dumped piles and piles of snow on DC. Sure, a week long break sounds great, but most of us have lots of catching up to do which is hard since we’ve all lost focus! The cafeteria here almost closed, which would have left many of us starving, but fortunately, due to negotiation, the cafeteria and facilities workers were allowed to stay in the hotel on campus. I’ve never been so grateful for cafeteria food! Some of us took advantage of our snowed-in situation and used our mattresses to sled down the hills on campus. Others were simply bored to death. I didn’t do one bit of homework during the break, which later proved to be a bad decision. Ah, well.

Things at Gally are going well so far. We are adjusting to our new president, Dr. Alan Hurwitz, and many seem to like him, there’s generally a positive mood surrounding him.

On another note, our school newspaper, The Buff and Blue, has gone green and is available online, if you’re a prospective student curious about Gally life, I encourage you to take a look! Of course, everyone is welcome! The website is

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