LIghts! Sets! Scripts! Oh my!


From the title, can you figure out what major I applied for and declared?! If you guessed Theatre Arts… You are right! I am so pleased with the choice I made. You may recall from my earlier blog that I was aspiring to double major in Deaf Education and ASL/Deaf Studies. My dream of becoming a teacher still has not died! I am putting the Deaf Education on hold and still intend to be majoring in ASL and minoring in Linguistics!
Why Theatre Arts? I chose Theatre Arts because I was fascinated with the stage and film world since I was a wee kid. I felt that if I had to teach kids, I would like to at least unleash some creativity! I always loved theatre because in that world, for even the most brief amount of time, you CAN be anything you want to be with little or no barriers, all it takes is, Lights! Stage! Imagination! I realized that We, as Americans, forgot how to make our innermost dreams become realities, it may be simply because we are afraid of our dreams and hope being crushed to pieces. I am not afraid to chase down my dreams. If someone crushes my dream, all I have to do is redream it again and chase it down. You should never give up on your dreams or passions. Here at Gallaudet, like Walt Disney World, Your Dreams come true with some hard work!


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