Classes and the “WhatAmIGonnaDo” Dilemma


Hey there, gblog readers! Winter break is officially over, and we are a week and a half into the spring semester at Gallaudet University. A month long break really does not feel like enough time, especially if you live a ways from Gally and don’t get to go home very often.

So… this semester I’ll be taking five classes in total, to give you an idea of the type of classes that a English and Secondary Education major might be taking, I’ll explain what they’re about. I am taking the following classes…

ENG 408- This class is a required English class for English majors and it basically discusses multi-cultural perspectives. Seems pretty interesting so far.

ENG 406- Also another required English class, this class covers American Literature from 1865 to the present. I think I’ll be enjoying this class since I’m crazy for American Literature.

ENG 375- An elective class that counts towards my English major, this class is about media literacy, and it is also my cake class, you know, the classes you take because you know you’ll ace it.

EDU 440- This one is required for my Secondary Education major, it basically covers an introduction to curriculum. Seems pretty challenging, but I think it will be something to improve my teaching skills.

EDU 441- Also required, this class focuses on literacy. I admit this class makes me nervous since I will be required to tutor high school students. Yikes!

Graduation is a long way off, but it seems as if it also is really nearby at the same time. It’s really making me think about what I want to do after college, I know my goal has been to be an English teacher for deaf high school students, but there are times when I wonder if it is what I really want to do. Which is completely normal, I can’t tell you how many students I’ve met here who have no idea what to do in the future. Of course, Gally does offer services such as academic advising to help you decide what to do in the future, but still, it doesn’t completely solve the problem.

I would like it very much if I could major in something that interested me but still guaranteed me a job the minute I graduate. Psh, like that’ll ever happen, heh.

If you’ve got questions, ask away!



One Response to “Classes and the “WhatAmIGonnaDo” Dilemma”

  1. Ruth Jackson Says:

    HI šŸ™‚ My name is Ruth Jackson and I am a Junior Writing major at Ithaca College. I am thinking about getting a masters in Special Education/Secondary for English/Writing. I know it’s alot. I don’t know what the correct term for all that is. I am planning on being a visiting student in the Spring 2012!! I am going to visit Gallaudet in October with my mom. I am learning sign; since freshman year of HS. I am pretty good at it and hope to become better. I wanted to know if you could tell me more about the Education program. What are the requirements besides classes I mean. Besides the tutoring, do I need to student teach in a local HS either in DC or elsewhere? Things like that. Also if you know a visiting student past or present I’d like to know how it would be. Im asking since I don’t know how it would be to get involved in activities and sororities if Im only going to be there a few months. I’m sure when I visit in October I will ask more. Thanks so much. I love your blogs šŸ™‚

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