December Graduation


I’m expecting to graduate in December now. This is going to be insane.

I have only four more classes to finish my degree: ASL 301, DST 402, DST 498, and GSR 300. Technically I can do all this in one semester, but I will need another 12 elective credits to graduate, so I have to spread it over two semesters.

Of course, I’ve also been planning to do an Honors Capstone all this time. That’s normally a three-semester project, but I want to graduate in two. So I got special permission from the Honors director to do it! This is going to mean my summer will be CRAZY busy…that’s the “third” semester. I’ll have to take the classes as independent study,

But by this time next year, I’ll have graduated. I won’t get to walk until May, when I’ll join the rest of the class of 2011 onstage, but I’ll be saving a ton of money by not doing another semester. I also feel better about finishing in seven semesters rather than eight…makes me feel like my time at Western Maryland wasn’t a complete waste!


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