an awakening..


I think I have forgotten that I’m one of the Gbloggers- so pardon for the long hiatus. I am sitting in one of my most fond places- Baltimore Washington International airport. I love it when I sit and watch people, studying how they behave. In general, people watching can be very amusing.


One of the fewest things I have been lacking this semester is consumption of pop culture. I’ve just been so busy with classes this semester- and I am this close to declaring my major. The new curriculum here makes it much easier for me to get things going with other classes than the general studies requirement courses. I like where I am heading towards and I believe that your Bachelor of Arts degree should be something you truly enjoy doing and merges well with your masters. I am not unveiling you all on what I am majoring in because I have this weird curse where I declare it without officially doing the major selection paperwork- I ended up not majoring in that area. So, people- please bear with me.


Anyways back to the concept of consumption of pop culture, the first thing I did when I went to BWI (besides treating myself a latte from Starbucks) was buying a magazine. I just love America because every fashion magazine must at least have something about weight loss in the cover. I couldn’t pick which magazine I wanted but one thing that made my decision much easier was judging the covers- I saw that allure has Kirsten Dunst on the cover. I had to take it, I love her! Ever since I saw how she portrayed the role of Lux Lisbon on The Virgin Suicides and I was in love with her. I don’t usually read allure but- I realized how sad it is because my selection is based on the covers. Let’s say if a magazine has a boring cover with some good articles inside or a magazine with Dunst on the cover with full of crappy article, which would I pick? Sadly- the one with Dunst on the cover.


I eagerly bought the magazine and sat down with my latte, I opened the magazine and I miss the colorful pictures of photoshopped models, scents of perfume samples, and lots of close-ups beauty ads. I started to laugh as I flip through the pages, I realized that the society’s control agents has gone mad. What we are consuming, reading, and seeing is not real. It is ridiculous and clearly unrealistic- but it got us believing. Everyday people hit the gyms to look good, maybe a thousand of women on the operation table- awaiting for their breast implants, and people  being obsessed with their bodies. It is exactly like believing a non-existing ghosts, but we believe the photoshopped supermodels instead.


I realized, America is addicted to this infectious disease- the pop culture but it is up to us how we interpret it. I must thank my GSR 240 class on sexism in advertising, it has truly opened my eyes to how the society is. Sometimes you take courses to get it over with but you do not realize how much impact it has on you.


Other than this, life’s good for me. Nobody said life was easy well maybe Hugh Hefner did. I’m on the winter cheerleading squad once again and am working for Green Gallaudet. I still work at Campus Activities. Also- I just became a new sister of the Phi Kappa Zeta sorority- I am very proud of what I have overcame this semester!


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