Written a while ago but now posting!


After spending 2 months at Gallaudet, I’m now finally going home to Florida. It is so strange how times have changed, and so fast too. I can barely remember what’s happened the past few weeks except for class stuff (fortunately!!!) The days and nights blend in together making it harder to remember which day it is. Today is October 16th, the last day of midterms and only one week left for homecoming. And let me tell you…whoo!! Dang, the midterms were pretty tough! It was unlike high school exam week where the teachers would only test on one or two chapters. But in college, they test everything they’ve taught throughout the semester into one test. I enjoyed the challenge though, it was something different. I made a fairly good grade on my government test, which is a huge accomplishment for me. Before, in my senior year, I took college level government class and all the test grades I made were either D or below. At the time, I was having difficulty with life and with school. I ended up failing the government class, so this time, I’m determined to make a good grade on the class and get it over with. I’m actually enjoying my time here in Gallaudet, despite my personal obstacles. It is definitely a great place for the deaf people and the hearing people as well. There is definitely diversity in the deaf community that I never knew of before. Before coming to Gallaudet, all I had known was oral deaf people, low academically driven deaf people, and preppy deaf people. But here, there are…well…let’s just say, the diverse dressing style, personalities, opinions, and social rules that are new to me. For example, if someone has your attention but they wanted someone else’s attention and that person is right next to you. The person would ask you to get that person’s attention for them so they could go ahead and talk to each other. The concept makes sense but in real life, it’s so strange to me to experience that because, I don’t know the proper social cues if I were to tap someone for another person so they could go ahead and talk.


One Response to “Written a while ago but now posting!”

  1. teagan helgesson Says:

    Heyy morgan! You sounded like you having good time at Gally! I cant wait to get out of high school next year so i’ll be in gally! We met each other at FSDB but i stopped going there 3 year ago and im attending Chiefland high school right now and im in junior again this year bec i did not do good in english 1 in my freshman year which is more stuggled for me bec i will not able to graudutuing this year but next year so i’ll be 18 by then when i get out of high school and i cant wait to go GALLY!!!!!!!! LOL. you can email me anytime!~

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