Very Interesting Question!


This question has popped up several times… “If this is a deaf university, what are you doing here?” I never got this question from anyone with a positive attitude behind it. I have been asked this question over ten times already from people who are ignorant and think they’re better than me. I know i’m not fully deaf and i’m still learning sign language but that doesn’t give anyone the right to judge why i’m here. But it does get me thinking at the same time. Why am i here at Gallaudet?

The answer that keeps popping in my head: “My education and football!” People who ask me that question…. get this for an answer…. EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!  It may sound sarcastic but it’s very true. All my life growing up, i’ve always felt like i was a little behind and struggling. I can honestly say i’ve never met a deaf person in my life! That got my attention! I’ve always wondered if there was ever a place where there were students like me who are looking to further their education to the college level. Like maybe there is something out there for me where i feel like i might fit in. Gallaudet University was the place for me!! Upon reading about this school, i found out that this is the only university in America that is solely for deaf and hard of hearing students. That really woke me up and made me realize there’s something out there different and unique. I felt like i found a place where i would be able to get the help i need and still pursue my dream while not feeling behind or lost.

The thing that made this place even better was the fact that they do have NCAA football here! That just lights up my life! Without football, I don’t know what i would do. Life would just seem boring. So every time i get that question from someone, I always happily tell them “My education and football are the reasons why i’m here!”


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