Partying….. The Safe Way!


Many people when they think parties, they think about getting wasted, staying up all night, and doing things they would regret the next day! I grew up in a very good family with parents that cared about me. They taught me a lot of things that would be beneficial to me in the future. The biggest challenge thus far is the college life and making decisions on my own. For a lot of people, this comes natural. For other people like me, it can be tough.

After 19 years being under my parents roof and learning from them, i learned what the most important things in life were. God,my family, education, and football. I feel like i’ve been taught a lot of great things so the college life so far has challenged me mentally to make smart decisions on my own. I go to parties every once in a while and notice that I’m one of the only ones that don’t drink at parties. I’ve already had many people come up to me and ask me if i would like a beer! It may be hard for most people but I always say no. I do my best to not give into peer pressure. Peer pressure is always a tough part of a teenager’s life. Especially in college when you’re not guided by your parents.

I thank God everyday for everything I have and the family I was blessed with. Because I was raised in such a great family, it has helped me to make smart decisions and not party the dangerous way. For me, partying is all about hanging out with your friends and having a good time. No beer needs to be involved… just some good people and a place to go for some fun!


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