New Signers on the Football Team


Three players came in this year that have opened my eyes quite a bit. People that have surprised me with how fast they have improved their sign skills. These guys are Shelby Bean, Tom Pangia, and Kevin Allen. All of these guys are great guys and show great dedication to the football team despite starting behind and in a completely different culture. From what i’ve seen from my perspective, they are on track to be like me and where I am today. These guys have different challenges that they face while being here. Not only are they new signers but they are also freshman getting used to the college environment. They have many obstacles to overcome for their first semester. The biggest challenge i faced last year was meeting people.

Being limited in your sign skills can make your college experience a little tougher but is definitely worth it in the end. I’m currently in my third semester here at Gallaudet and feel like everyone else now. I don’t feel so much like an outsider. Everyday, I look forward to seeing these guys in practice and watch them grow and see them improve their sign skills. I can’t help to think that was me last year in the same exact shoes. It’s nice to be on the other side now leading them and not learning the language. I hope for a smooth first year for these guys.


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