Handling Problems


     A week ago, my first little situation happened with a good friend of mine. This person is now a peer leader and is in my first class. One day we were in Rathskellar eating dinner and I asked her what I missed for class that day because I was sick. Thinking it was nothing, I expected a simple answer like “Yes, we did this PowerPoint, make sure you look it over.” But that didn’t happen. Instead I got her telling me she can’t talk to me in person about class and that I had to email her if it involved school. I didn’t understand. We hang out all the time and we’ve become good friends so it sounded like a normal conversation about schoolwork. But because she’s a peer leader, she’s not supposed to discuss anything class related. Of course, it was hard for me to understand because all I asked was “Did I have any homework?” She kept on refusing to answer me and said “Email me” about 100 different times. I got frustrated and stop talking about it.

     The next day, she had reported on me to the Office of Student Conduct, and I got several texts and emails from my coaches and teachers because they apparently had heard about it. I had many meetings with different people and finally ended the whole thing. There were no charges pressed. The one thing I learned about this whole thing is that you got to learn to find your true friends. I thought I had a good friend until she reported on me for “Harassment”. This whole thing sort of ended my friendship with this person but you got to keep moving on. I have many friends that I care about and am very thankful for. I’ve become better at handling problems and such since joining college. This experience will help me later in life because life will send people your way who may not like you, and the best thing you can do about it is get through it and know who your true friends are.


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