Gallaudet vs. Husson University


      History was made! Two different things in history happened. One, it was the first Division 3 football game won “At Home!”, and second, it was the biggest upset in Gallaudet football history! Most people would expect a high scoring game upon entering the game Saturday but that wasn’t the case as Gallaudet upset Husson 10-7. Both teams were number one and number two in the conference. This was expected to be a “championship game.” At least that was the attitude going in the game.

      It was a defensive battle throughout the entire game. There is much credit to be given to the outstanding defense that held the high-powered offense of Husson to just 7 points. The offense struggled to move the ball against their tough defense but we managed to score a very important late 4th quarter touchdown that put us ahead 10-7. We scored with just 1:45 remaining in the 4th quarter and Husson was unable to move the ball downfield to come back and tie the game.

      Emotions were flying around like crazy after the game! The fans stormed the field and players were celebrating in the endzone. This game was one of the most memorable games of my life and definitely got my attention. This game proved to me that we are able to beat anyone in our league if we play like we are taught. The coaching staff did great preparing us. Following the BIG upset to Husson, Gallaudet’s rank in the ECFC conference was 2nd behind Norwhich University… which is our next oppenent!


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