Gallaudet vs. Castleton State


      Several things to keep in mind here about Castleton State… it’s their homecoming, the coach has his own talk show where he personally put down our team in ways I’ve never heard before, and it’s our first game after the loss to Mount Ida. With that being said, the game couldn’t have been any better as Gallaudet went on to win 49-18!

      After being called vanilla, easy, and referring to our offense as not needing very much communication and simple… we were ready to walk out on that field and physically show them that we are exactly opposite and that us deaf players… CAN play football. The first score of the game started with a Joshua Doudt fumble recovery and touchdown run to make the game 7-0. The defense produced Gallaudet’s first points of the game. From there on out, it was physically a simple game. Why was it simple? Because every Gallaudet player out on that field gave everything they had and did whatever they could to beat the man in front of them. The result… a BLOWOUT! So much passion and fire was shown as the defense held them to just 19 points while even playing some backup players as well. The offense scored a season-high 49 points and racked up 477 yards of total offense. Following our first win of the EFCF conference, Gallaudet moved up in the league rankings and even ranked 6th nationally in rushing offense. This game was a building block for the next game as we took on Husson University out of Bangor, Maine.

Win over Castletone State!!!


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