MUST READ!!! Potential Scam targeting Gallaudet University Students via IM


I haven’t had alot of time to post due to overwhelming course load but I woke up this afternoon [yes–college students never get up before noon on the weekends :-); anyways back to being serious] and received an IM that disgusted me. Apparently these people are going around targeting people claiming to have a list of people who have been scammed, are deaf/HoH, or are poor and they have recovered funds from these scammers and would like to give them to the people mentioned before. It started by me receiving an IM from a friend and fellow Gallaudet  student (now in no way do I think this student is involved–infact I think he/she may have been a victim of this scam and his/her name or screen name will not be revealed or mentioned). I will let you read our conversation here:

Conversation between me and the other Gally student

Whoever this scammer is that has hacked my friend’s account appears to be the person I know at first. Starting off with a cordial greeting then seeming like a peer with the “sup?”. Not more than 5 secs after she asked me if I had received an IM from him and I replied did I receive an IM from this scammer. Here’s our conversation below (my commentary is highlighted in grey but the conversation has not been altered in anyway) :


It’s my belief that they got her password the same way they attempted to get mine by filling out the form via AIM with the AIM password and of course once they got it they quickly took over her account and changed her password. They obviously tried to do the same to me but could not because I had given them false information.Yea that’s right–there’s no real password database that the FBI has to check to make sure I gave them the correct password and why would they care anyways unless I was involved in illegal activities right?!? It seems the target is us “poor deafies” (their words not mine). Our funds are limited typically to SSI or family support because employers often discriminate against us or shove us in the back where no one can see us (but that’s another blog). Even more so college students who are deaf because let’s face it college isn’t cheap and who wants to be in debt from thousands of loans? So sending someone $1500 to $200,000 seems like a small price to pay. I think this person has underestimated the fact that deaf no longer means dumb (as if it ever was true). Unfortunately my friend trusted this person and hopefully at minimum she only got her account hacked and didn’t reveal any personal info about herself that could damage her name and/or credit. gBlog’s are supposed to be all about Gallaudet experience and what better way  to get the word out if someone is targeting Gallaudet students simply because we are deaf.

 My question to the Gallaudet community is What would you do? Would you report all the information you could possibly get to the DC Metro and/or campus authorities? Would you go alittle higher than this and report them to the REAL FBI? Would you just let this go?

This is a pretty elaborate scheme to where they have even gone as far as setting up a website with an actual url just to scam people out of their money by pretending to be people who have recovered funds from other scammers. I think that maybe if the government or the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( or whoever get enough complaints they will start seriously investigating these people.


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