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Hello readers!

Pardon me for not blogging on a regular schedule, I have a really good excuse, I promise! I’ve been sick for the past week or so with strep throat. It was the worst I’ve ever felt during my time here at Gallaudet University. On the plus side, I got excused from a couple of classes. On the not-so-plus side, it felt like I was hacking out my lungs for a few days.

But anyway, I’m back and feeling much better! In fact, my personal experience inspired a blog topic! I’m sure some of you prospective students or Gally supporters out there wonder what services are available to you when you become sick. Never fear! I’m here to tell you about the magic of Student Health Services (SHS).

Sure, Gally is located in a city where it is possible to survive without a car and completely rely on public transportation. But at the same time, it can get pretty scary and confusing, especially for a country girl like me. So when you get sick, it’s pretty uncomfortable for some students to go to the nearest clinic or hospital, even though they are available, such as Georgetown.

But, Gallaudet has it own clinic on campus and shares it with Model Secondary School for the Deaf. SHS’s services are limited in some ways, for example, they can help you if you’re not feeling too well and prescribe you medication, but if you’ve got a serious condition and need a more qualified doctor, you’ll be referred to another hospital or clinic. All in all, it’s pretty cool having a nurse right on campus for those days when you’re so sick, you really want your Mommy.

On another note, I thought I would close each blog with a fun fact about Gallaudet University, so here we go: Fun Fact #1…

Fun Fact #1
Every semester, Gallaudet holds an internship and job fair at the Kellogg Conference Center and Hotel here on campus. This really helps with finding internships that relate to your major and jobs for the summer or perhaps when you graduate. Interpreters are provided, of course!



3 Responses to “Student Health Services”

  1. Casey Says:

    I know that SHS can be a convenient solution for Gallaudet students when they are sick. However, when I got sick last year, I went to SHS for help. I knew I was seriously ill, but I didn’t know what I had or what was wrong with me. I went several times (three times to be exact) and, the first two times, they said I had a petty sinus infection. The third time, they said I had vertigo.

    I knew neither of those diagnosis were correct. I mean, I couldn’t even get out of bed most days and missed over two weeks of school because I was so sick. (Not exactly how I would describe the symptoms of a mere sinus infection. What do you think?) Additionally, they diagnosed me with vertigo simply on the basis that I was a Gallaudet student and many Deaf Gallaudet students have vertigo. The only problem with that reasoning (other than not having any medical proof) was that, while I was a Gallaudet student, I was not, in fact, Deaf.

    I had to take a LOA that semester and, when I came home, I finally was able to see a doctor who told me that I actually had an autoimmune disease. My story is just one of many. My friends all told me not to go to SHS and to see another doctor. They were right.

    So, if you have something like the flu or a cold, go to SHS and get a prescription for it. But, if you think you might have something even remotely more serious, don’t waste your precious time–or your health. Get an appointment with a trusted physician at another clinic.

    I’ve heard that Georgetown Hospital is a great place to go.

  2. Heather Says:

    Yikes, I hope you’re feeling better now.

    Exactly, as I said, SHS is not good with complicated stuff, but great for those common illnesses.

    I’ve heard my fair share of SHS horror stories, but was actually surprised with the quality of my visit.

  3. Casey Says:

    Thanks 🙂 I am doing much better. Hopefully, I will be well enough to be able to come back to Gally either this coming Spring or Fall.

    I’m glad you had such a good experience with SHS. It can be quite comforting to have such a resource nearby when you aren’t feeling 100%.

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