Top ten Lessons to be learned


It’s 5:06 am as I write this blog, have just finished a large amount of homework! I am going to write about what I have learned thus far at Gallaudet and I am going to pay homage ot my all time favorite late night buddy, David Letterman by presenting the Top Ten Lessons a Freshmen should learn within the first month!

Here they are!

10. Do not Underestimate the homework you are assigned

9. Dont count on having five or more consecutive hours of sleep

8. Foods are not exactly homemade (Want homemade foods? Go to Boli’s!)

7.  Do not ever rely on your alarm clock, have at least three backups in place should old faithful fails you.

6.  Life as a college student is not a piece of cherry pie

5.  Quesiton everything especially what the older students supposedly tell you (Especially the Coffin Door Legend)

4. Free time=Snooze time  (After each homework is completely done!)

3.  24 hours study marathons, a no-no (Unless you want to end up looking like Frankenstein)

2.  Toss that book of excuses that you used in high school to sneak your way out of homework, its useless here..

1. Expect the unexpected

One month into the Gallaudet experience, and I still love it! I will talk about the Buff and Blue, student newspaper soon but I want to talk about the Diversity here at Gallaudet!


One Response to “Top ten Lessons to be learned”

  1. Timothy Cave Says:

    Hi, Spouse…look at 5# question- Did you enter the coffin door legend yet? by Timothy Cave

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