Time is of Essence!


As a College Student, I have to face the WORST thing ever invented in the history of  the human race: Homework, YES, HOMEWORK (ok,ok.. It’s not the WORST thing ever invented in the history of  the human race) but I have to face it like a picky five years old child faces the ever loathed Spinach or Brussel Spouts. It is not so bad if you know how to MANAGE your TIME! Time Management is a critical skill that a College Freshman needs to have! (I can see a chorus of I-TOLD-YOU-SO!) As a high school student, my time management skills were extremely poor, so the first three weeks of College was a RUDE awakening, heed this advice from a  former procasinator: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THAT ASSIGNMENT THAT WAS ASSIGNED 4 DAYS PRIOR! More tips coming up soon!


3 Responses to “Time is of Essence!”

  1. Dunham Says:

    Going to disregard your order and say “I told you so!” nyah, nyah!!
    Hope you follow your own advice. All procrastination gets you is more stress and lousy grades.

  2. Michael Says:

    Dunham, Iam writing from actual experience! Scary.. actually but recoveredfully

  3. GDAD4X Says:

    I, too, will not pass up this opportunity! TOLD YOU SO!
    One more thing you will learn.
    The older you get, the smarter your parents/grand parents become!
    Take that from an one who has experineced it from both sides.
    Too bad a youngster can’t take that advise when it was offerred. But, I/we were there too.

    Brother, there is no substitute for experience!

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