The Homeless Near Gallaudet


Last year, I wrote about the neighborhood around Gallaudet and I included a picture of the people who live between the 6th Street Gate and the sports field of the public school behind Gallaudet.

Where the homeless had their homes This year I have a class in the Washburn Arts Building for the first time, and I was surprised by what I saw through the windows. Specifically, trash. Lots of trash, which you can see in the picture here (click to make it bigger). This is the back of the place where the homeless live. You can see a blanket stuck onto the fence, a chair overturned on the ground, and a man sitting on a milk crate. This is the life they have. When you have a home, DC does trash pickup. If you don’t have a home, your trash doesn’t get picked up, and let’s face it…what incentive do you have to walk to the nearest trash can, wherever that may be?

I want to interview the people who live in this area, but I have no idea what I’d say or how they’d react to the idea. This is right next to Gallaudet – the clean side of the fence is Gallaudet property. I don’t know who owns the other side…but people live there. I wish I knew their stories.


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