NFL Hall of Fame Museum


   The second week of football was underway as we headed to Ohio for our game vs Hiram College. But following the bus ride on Friday the 11th, we were treated with a nice stop to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. It was something that i had always dreamed of as a kid and now I finally got to experience it.

   Following our 6 hour drive, we stopped in Canton at the Hall of Fame stadium to have our walk through practice. Right after practicing, we were welcomed into the NFL Hall of Fame! The entrance got my attention as it had posters everywhere of NFL Legends and facts about their careers. They had many statues and jerseys everywhere. They even had a brand new superbowl room that showed clips of past superbowls as well as jerseys of superbowl players. Perhaps the most positive part of the trip was seeing the Lombardi Trophy.

   There was something about seeing that trophy that gave me goosebumps and got me excited. The reason why… because the “Bison” will get their trophy at the end of this year!!!!!


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