Green Gallaudet!


I wanted to take a moment to recognize Gallaudet’s efforts at becoming more environmentally friendly. While there are more improvements that could be made, this is quite a step, and it deserves recognition.

One of the ‘green’ things I’ve noticed are the new cups available in the Marketplace and Rathskellar, they all explain how they are made from corn instead of dozens of nasty chemicals used to make a typical plastic cup. I do wonder if being made from corn actually means these cups are environmentally friendly, but I’ll just have to go with the assumption that they are and praise Gally for its efforts. Another example includes the napkins which are brown, meaning they are more environmentally friendly than white napkins which require more chemicals and pollution in order to dye the paper white. That’s pretty much what I’ve noticed so far… has anyone else seen anything new and ‘green’?

I don’t mean to belittle these efforts, while they certainly make an impact on our environment, I wish Gallaudet would strive to make an even bigger impact by perhaps using all green materials to remodel or build new buildings that are needed on campus. It would certainly make a difference not only in our environment, but in people’s perception of Gallaudet. Gallaudet could be seen as a university that truly gives back to the world, not just to everyone associated with deaf culture.

On another note, I’m scrambling for blog topics here… I wonder if there are any lingering questions relating to Gallaudet eating away at your minds that you desperately need answered? If so, aim them at me! Leave your question as a comment on this blog, and I’ll do my absolute best to answer it.




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