First game vs Merchant Marine Academy


   Saturday, Sept. 5th started the new year for Gallaudet Football! There were lots of expectations going into the game. After a very successful scrimmage vs McDaniel College, we had high hopes of a new year and starting the season 1-0. After several days of preparing and film studying… it was Game Time!!!

   Starting the game couldn’t have been better as we started the game with a nice offensive drive that put us on the scoreboard early. The score was 7-0 midway through the first quarter. That would be the only score of the first half for the Bison as the first half ended with a score of 7-7.

   Things were looking good but we still needed a few adjustments. After football meetings with the coaches in the locker… we were ready to take the lead and win the game. Soon after the second half started though… things “fell apart”. There were many penalties and mistakes! It just seemed like everyone on the field was shaky and nervous. Even when i was on the field and in the huddles, i could see it in their eyes that they were nervous.

   We ended up losing the game 38-14! Emotionally after the game, all the players and coaches were torn apart… including myself. I just couldn’t believe what had happened. Despite having a bad loss and an 0-1 start for the season… it turned out to be a positive thing because it taught us a lesson and helped us prepare better for next week as we focused more and more on our assignments and goals. The theme for the next week of practice was “New Week, New Game!” That was the mindset we had going into our first practice that next week. Time for week 2 vs Hiram College!

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