ASL 103 Class


   I have now completed ASL 101 and 102. Now is the start of 103. I’m now entering the phase where i’m not using interpreters and relying on my eyes to get the message. It has been a challenge so far but i’m picking up most of what the teacher has to say. A lot of this class isn’t about learning how to sign better, it’s about how language develops and improving receptive skills. Some of it too is practicing presentation skills. I feel pretty confident with how i’ve developed so far this past year.

   The only thing that makes me nervous is signing in front of a crowd so this class is the perfect class for me to practice and improve. Overall i feel like my signing is still 50-50! That means 50% of my signs are ASL and 50% are English. I’m doing my best to improve my ASL. Most of my friends sign and talk in English so it makes it harder for me to practice ASL. Hopefully this class can teach me the history behind sign language and help improve my presentation skills. I’m looking forward to the end of the semester when i take a good look at myself and evaluate my sign skills. It will be a big change… knowing that i came here as a freshman with no knowledge of signing, then a year and a half later, i become skilled and able to sign with anyone!


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