Second week underway!


So with the NSO week and the overwhelming first week out of the picture, I’m finally feeling more settled. The dorm life is hectic…and always will be hectic! But with chaos, comes fun too. So I suppose there’s a balance there! But let’s talk about the class schedule first.

I have…GSR 101 (First Year Seminar), GSR 103 (ASL and Deaf Culture study), GSR 104 (Quantative reasoning with math), GOV 110 (Basic American Government…once again), and PED (swing/latin dance). 5 classes? Not bad. I got waived from GSR 102 (English) because I had taken ENC 1101 my junior year for dual enrollment. I already have 12 hours credit from dual enrollment, so I think that means by the end of this semester, I’d be considered a sophomore. Sweet, right?! So on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have 4 classes (103, 104, 110, and PED), Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have GSR 101. Friday, only GOV 110 and 104. Not bad! I love that about college…Most of my classes are in the morning, and if there’s time gap between classes, I use that time for naps or to study or to socialize. Very nice!

The class I’m currently enjoying is the ASL class because I feel like I’m learning fairly enough about ASL and vlogs and such things like that. Not much has been accomplished yet but our first assignment is on Monday, we’d be doing autobiography vlog. I’m so nervous! ASL hasn’t really been a huge part of my life up until recently, so it’d be interesting to see how it goes for me. The teacher is pretty wicked too! I also am having fun in Government…tough work but very cool people in there.

But as for GSR 101, I’m sort of struggling in it but I suppose I would get the hang of it by next week. The teacher has been giving us insane amount of homework that is graduate school level so it’s like…AHHH!!! But the class talked about it today and so..I assume the teacher realized she was putting too much work on us, so we’ll modify the class course by next week. At college, communication is key if you have a problem. If you don’t communicate, well then when consequences come up, too bad. That’s what I’ve been learning in the time I’ve been here. That’s the major change from high school to college. You are heard as an adult….t’is a great feeling.

Another accomplishment I’m quite proud of is joining the Rainbow Society! Yaaay! I’ve been wanting to get involved with gay rights for so long but didn’t know where to turn to in my hometown. So I joined…competed for Public Relation position…and got it! Public Relation is basically advertising through internet, posters, word of hands, and etc. So basically, this position would force me to get out and meet more people as well as come out of my shell.

I have a feeling this is gonna be a great year, even with the challenges and frustrations I would come upon…but that’s all part of the journey, right?


One Response to “Second week underway!”

  1. meredith Says:

    Hey Morgan, I saw that you are doing PR for the Rainbow Society! Way to go!

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