Dreaming BIG at Gallaudet


“Once upon a Dream”, does this quote seem familiar to you? I am sure that you recognize this quote from several Disney films from the childhood years long gone by! Some people believe that Dreams were made to not come true! I disagree with the notion (idea) because I believe that Dreams can come true if you do three things, Work hard, Focus hard, believe in it!  I have a proof that those three actions can make dreams come true!

Famous people did dream about changing the world, but did not just sit and dream, they captialized on each opportunity to make their dreams happen! One incredible example is Dr. Mason Cogswell and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. Those two men dreamt and envisioned Deaf children being educated, they debated at length, but did they just  sit and talk about their dreams? NO! Dr. Cogswell and Gallaudet worked feverishly to fundraise for Gallaudet’s historic voyage to Europe where he would meet Laurent Clerc and eventually found the first school for the Deaf, where he met his wife, then later had a son who envisioned a  college for the Deaf. If it was not for Dreams, Gallaudet University would not exist!

We the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and the Hearing owe it to Gallaudet to DREAM BIG. Gallaudet offers the world millions and millions of possibilities to dream up! With 47 majors and  self directed majors, there are opportunities to take advantage of at Gallaudet! Gallaudet is your passport to your Dreams!

GET IN.. STAND OUT… AND DREAM BIG at GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY, the world’s ONLY liberal Arts university for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing!


One Response to “Dreaming BIG at Gallaudet”

  1. Val Says:

    Dear Katie,

    I am Val, a fellow believer in Dreams Coming True. I am writing to invite you to be part of a worldwide project to remind and spread the belief that Dreams CAN come true; to inspire Dreams:


    I “found” you when I was googling for “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”, and your blog came up; and I read your entry on Dreaming Big. It was (very) heartening to know that there is someone else out there who believes in the same thing me and my partner stand for. Because “inspiring dreams” was the very intention that birthed this project.

    Eventually, we will travel around the world and document dreams coming true – giving everyone the “allowance” to dream, the “permission” to do things they truly love, the “possibility” of them becoming someone greater.

    We are hoping to get 10,000 people to join the group by 17 Nov 09.
    10,000 people who (still) believe that dreams can come true for the project to take off.

    It would mean a lot to us, for someone like you, who too, believes in dreams and actively advocates to inspire, who is living your dreams to be part of this project.

    Join the Facebook Group.
    Share your Dreams with us.
    Invite your friends.
    Blog about it.

    Whichever way you choose to support this belief, thank you.

    Have a beautiful day ahead!

    Best regards,

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