New student


Well, hey yall! I’m gonna start with some background info and then go on with my adventures at Gallaudet.

My name is Morgan Eastman, I hail from the good ole Florida. I graduated from FSDB in the spring of 2009. Really, I was in a mainstream school from sophomore-first semester of senior year, then transferred to FSDB. Freshman year, I was in FSDB. But anyway, I love to do photography, study cultures and the people, meet, try out new foods at local ethnic restaurants with friends, and more.

I have a hearing family with history of hearing loss after 40s, but I’m deaf because of genetic “blessing”. So from the age of 2, I got an implant on my right ear. All was good up until my 7th grade year when it broke. It took me and my mom three months to figure out that the internal implant had broken, so I had to go get surgery to replace the implant on my right ear. At the time, there was an uproar in the cochlear implant community about bilateral implants. So we figured….why not? If we could get insurance to pay for everything, then why not? It was a scary thought at first, but I suppose mom and I knew that it would really pay off at the end (and fortunately, it did!) Anyway, so we convinced the insurance company to pay for everything…I got it done on my dad’s birthday. First, they replaced the right implant and then added the left implant. It was a long surgery and it took a long time to recover but now I really appreciate having bilateral implants.

Having implants has not stopped me from having deaf pride. I love being deaf. I love being able to hear. I love being able to sign in my native language. Being deaf is a blessing to me. Ever since being at Gallaudet University, I’ve started to really appreciate the diversity of language methods, hearing levels, and different signing skills. The international students just make Gallaudet a lot more fun place to be at! And the best part? The campus is in DC!!!!

The honors program retreat was very interesting. I had mixed feelings of dread, not wanting to leave Gallaudet….but I also felt excitement to meet new people there. And I ended up having a pretty good time! I learned a little bit about the expectations from the program, and Joshua Swiller’s book on Africa, and how putting a group of leaders can lead to loooong debates (hehehe, always fun to watch)

It’s going to be a very entertaining journey of emotional development, social development, intellectual development. And the fun part is you guys will get to read it all!


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