Summer 2009!


Summer was like any other summer I’ve ever had…. Only this one started with a plane flight from Washington D.C. to Springfield, Missouri. The last day at Gallaudet was full of packing and saying farewell goodbyes to friends that were leaving for home. It got tough saying bye and thinking about 3 months without friends and the independent life… but it was a good feeling knowing that I would be going back home to see my beloved family! Just the thought of having all 8 kids standing at the airport terminal waiting for me, got me excited and anxious. The sweet summer days were about to begin!

After 6 hours of flying and switching planes, I finally arrived in Springfield where I met my whole family! After spending about 10 minutes just hugging them and telling them how much I missed them, we headed out to the car to go home. Ever since I arrived home… summer has been amazing! The relaxing life began for me. I was able to relax and sleep in most days as well as go out on the town and enjoy the city. We live in Branson so there were many attractions and places to see. I went to White Water several times throughout summer as well as go to Silver Dollar City. I went to a lot of different shows that involved singing as well as plays. I worked for the family and ended up not getting a job. The family needed some help with work so I was willing to do what I can.

Despite the tons of work that I did to help my family over summer, I did do so many fun things also that made my summer one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve experienced so far. I’m already thinking about next summer and what’s to come. My next summer will start off with a graduation ceremony for my younger brother Jeremy as he will finally be graduating high school!!!


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