Preseason Game Vs McDaniel College!


Saturday, August 29th, we began what was to be expected as.. “A Very Successfuly and Winning Season”. After practicing offensive tackle for 2 weeks, i felt comfortable and ready to go. I was a little nervous but that went away after we got on the bus to drive to McDaniel College. The drive took an hour as we relaxed on the bus and watch NFL football on the tv’s. Oh yea… and yes we were on coach buses! It was very nice and comfortable. After arriving there and getting ready in the visitor’s locker room… i got down on one knee and prayed to God that my first scrimmage would go well and that i would be safe.

Following the prayer and running out and onto the field, the team stretched and got ready to go. A short meeting with the coach came shortly after that and was followed by a loud roar of Gallaudet football players as they got pumped up to play!

Starting the game… everyone was nervous but after the first few minutes, things started clicking! The defense was hitting people and the offense was moving the ball forward. We managed to score 20 points during the first half… which is AMAZING compared to how our offense was last year! The defense allowed 21 points in first half so it was a one point game. Following the first half, the coach announced that our backups would be getting some playing time so that the starters would know that they are finished for the day. After doing so… McDaniel College scored 21 more unanswered points to win the game. BUT…. McDaniel College left their starters in thoughout the whole game to try to prove a point!

They didn’t prove much of a point considering that it was a scrimmage and not a real game. Because they did try to beat us with their starters, they accidently got one of their star players hurt to the point where he might be out for a few weeks. It was an ankle injury to their WR number 7, who was very fast and quick. They wanted to beat Gallaudet so bad, that they were willing to play their starters the entire game even though it wasn’t a real game. After the game, coach Ed was very pleased with our effort and our play as we showed that if it were 1st group vs. 1st group… Gallaudet WINS!! The confidence of the team now is sky high right as we are approaching our first game of the year against U.S. Merchant Marine on September 5th here at Hotchkiss field! If you are a Gallaudetian… i hope to see you at the game as we will show a brand new tradition of Gallaudet Football!! GO BISON!!!


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2 Responses to “Preseason Game Vs McDaniel College!”

  1. Ian Procter Says:

    Unfortunatly…if any of you noticed…we took our starters out after the first quarter and our second team scored all 21 points on your first team. Yeah we put our starters back in during the third because we did not want St. Vincent to see our true offense since they were only getting the first half of the scrimmage…from there it was simply a practice.

  2. Ryan Mahoney Says:

    Well when i played tackle… i saw the same DE and Linebackers throughout the game. I was backup for the first quarter and i saw the same guys when i went in the game for the remaining 3 quarters. Do you play for the team Ian?

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