New Signer Program!


Having already been down that path of confusion and feeling overwhelmed, i finally felt like i was fitting in here at Gallaudet when i came here early for the new signers program. I felt like i didn’t need the program because i’ve already been signing for a year and have gotten used to it. Before my freshman year though, i didn’t attend the New Signers Program because i haven’t heard about it. That was one of the biggest things that affected me when i first got here to Gallaudet for the first time. I arrived for football camp and didn’t know sign language. Now was my chance to experience what the program was like and to see what i missed out on last year.

After entering the classroom for the first day… i felt a little nervous because i haven’t signed in just about 3 months. I had to get back in the flow of signing again. After my first few days of practicing and socializing, i picked up where i left off last semester and was signing away! The time i spent with the new signers of this year helped me realize just exactly what kind of change i went through this past year. Everyday sitting in class, i would look at someone else and tell myself “That was me exactly one year ago!” Now knowing sign language, i have a different perspective and feel different. Of course that feeling was “Pride”. I felt so proud of myself everyday just thinking about the big change i went through trying to adjust from the hearing world, to the deaf world. I am now looking forward to another whole year of school and football… ONLY this time…. i will now be able to communicate with others which will make my life sooooo much easier and better.


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