New Signer Mentor!


I wasn’t necessarily involved with helping the New Signers Program, but i did have the job of helping the new signing freshman football players that were coming in with no signing history. The one thing i learned was patience because i remember how long it took me to learn asl. That helped me communicate better with the guys. I felt like i was able to relate to them in a way. I have been in their shoes before and i know everything that is involved with feeling left out and completely overwhelmed when first starting in the deaf environment.

After two weeks of helping the guys learn asl, i felt like they were ready for school to start… that’s how confident i was. The guys seemed happy and ready to take on the challenge. It was difficult teaching them how to adjust to this change but it was easy in a way too because i have been in that situation before and i know what it takes to make it through. The guys are signing away now and are ready to go… of course they’re not PERFECT so they will struggle. But for now it will be a journey for them and an exciting experience for me as i watch them grow and learn the ways of the deaf community.


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