Football Camp!


Exactly one year and two weeks ago… i started my first football camp for Gallaudet University! Now came the time for my second year. Everything was the same about football camp… with the exception that our offense is completely different and that i was playing a new position. Starting football camp on the 13th meant that we all checked in and got all our gear that we would need for practice for the next two weeks. After having a meeting August 13th, we had camp!!

Camp consisted of getting together for every meal during the day, meetings with our coaches, and then practice. OH YEA…. and i can’t forget about the 10:30 bedtime curfew we had every night! (Which sucked by the way!) Other than having a curfew for being in our room… camp was great! I got moved to offensive tackle and was told by coaches that i could make a big impact for the Gallaudet offense for this upcoming 2009 season. I was a little upset at first because linebacker is my passion and love, but i was happy at the same time too because i knew i was helping out our struggling offense get better. After studying the playbook daily and practicing with the team… i got accustomed to the new offense and began to like the lineman position. I am now the starting offensive tackle and am really looking forward to a VERY positive and rewarding season this year!!! Not only that but i’m looking forward to all the wins we WILL have this year! Come to the games and get ready cause the Bison are coming and are not stopping for anything!


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