Hidey Ho!


Hello again, fellow readers! After a fun-filled summer, I’m back at good ol’ Gally, putting my nose to the grindstone, as my grandmother puts it.

With school starting tomorrow, I’ve been looking over my classes with anticipation, I’m taking five classes, or 19 credits, the maximum number of credits students are allowed to take at Gallaudet. I guess we’ll see how that works out.

Two of the classes I am taking are GSR integrated learning classes, which means that they are classes that sort of combine two subject areas by team teaching. The way this works is there are two professors, each teaches a certain subject, but combine their lesson plans, policies, activities, and so on. These are part of the new curriculum that Gallaudet introduced in the fall of 2007, instilling a major improvement in our education.

GSR integrated courses have their pros and cons. The cons being that it can be difficult for the professors to team teach. I had a professor last semester that would sit back during lectures and basically not say much at all unless prompted by the other prof. Two professors can also mean confusion with turning in assignments, class policies, and general lessons.

Pros include the fact that you’re learning from two professors! Which, in my opinion, sort of gives you a bigger experience than if you had taken a class with a single professor. Also, one professor’s talents make up for the other’s flaws, which makes it easier for you to do well in the class.

In addition to these GSR courses, I am also taking two English major courses and an education major course. I’ve been resolving to do fantastically well this fall in my schoolwork among other things.
What are some of your resolutions for the fall?

On another note, I’ve been seeing plenty of freshmen around campus and I’m reminded of my first year at Gally, which I spent completely homesick. I hope my freshmen readers understand that almost everyone felt or still feels the same way. The best way to deal with it is to keep busy or talk to someone, including me! I’d be happy to listen or answer any of your questions!

Here’s to a wonderful fall semester!


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One Response to “Hidey Ho!”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hope you had a great first day and hope you feel better! Go Bisons!

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