Being a HUG at Gallaudet…What This Means for Me: Applying


3 Steps to becoming a HUG:

Step 1: Narrow the search for the best-pick, best-fit university

Step 2: Check out Gallaudet online

Step 3: Apply

Okay, so you have checked out Gallaudet and it looks like a good school. You have nightly dreams of being one of those smiling faces on Gallaudet’s webpage. You’re all for getting your hands dirty in total immersion into Deaf culture. You love the colors buff and blue–in fact, its all you wear–and the bison just so happens to be your favorite animal. So far, so good.

Now what?

Well, sending in your application seems to be the best action to take at this point. Applications can be found at . When sending in your application, be sure that it is postmarked by January 16th. The application process is a little lengthy. You must write three essays, send two letters of recommendation, send in your high school/college transcript and SAT scores, and send in all other forms or documents they have posted on the website.

I would encourage you to start early on the application process. I decided last-minute to graduate early from junior college and go ahead and apply to Gallaudet for the following semester, but it left me only 6 stressful days to fill out and send everything in by the postmarked date.

What is the HUG program exactly?

The HUG (hearing undergraduate) program began in 2001. It provides hearing students with the opportunity to attend the world’s only Deaf liberal arts university as regular undergraduate students. The program is competitive and only accepts hearing applicants up to 5% of the incoming undergraduate student body.

To be considered for acceptance, you must send in the application and required forms by January 16th and be willing to come to Gallaudet in either January or February for two interviews–an entrance interview with a small panel and a sign proficiency interview called the ASLPI (American sign Language Proficiency Interview). If you are accepted, then you only have a short time (2 weeks) to decide whether you want to commit to attending Gallaudet. You should be notified around mid-march if you are accepted.

Although there are many hoops to jump through, I encourage you to go for it. Send in your application and see what happens. Who knows? Maybe you will be one of the lucky 5%!


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