Being a HUG at Gallaudet…Great Expectations = Uncertainty


So, you’ve done a little research, read all of the blogs on Gblog, and you are still not sure that Gallaudet is the place for you.

That is alright. There will always be doubts when making big decisions like buying a car, purchasing your first home, or choosing your college. It is perfectly natural. Nevertheless, some of these doubts need not trouble you. They can easily be put to rest by talking them out over a cup of ice-cold sweet tea and through the graphic and textual images on your computer monitor. Got your tea ready? Okay, let’s get started. Countdown time!

Through this part of the series, we will cover some common fears, anxieties, and questions faced by future HUG students:

I do not have any Deaf family members. Will Gallaudet still accept me? What are they looking for in my interview and essays?

What are the classes like? I am a new signer, how will I do in a tough class like math or science?

Does everyone sign all the time?

What is the new curriculum like?

Will I be accepted by students and faculty?

Is it quiet all the time?

What is dorm life like? Which is the best dorm for me?

Where do I eat? What is there to do during free time?


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