Health Musuem!


Just Saturday I went with some friends and my roommate to The National Museum of Health and Medicine. It was the same day as the NFL Draft but i felt like I was more interested in visiting this place because i heard it was a great museum. The highlight of this musuem are the historical artifacts as well as the most popular anatomical specimens that are related to Abraham Lincoln. These include the bullet that ended his life, the probe used to find the bullet, a blood-stained shirt cuff from the museum surgeon who attended the autopsy, and bone fragments and hair from Lincoln’s skull. The collection also includes a pencil drawing of the deathbed scene made by the museum’s medical illustrator immediately after the removal of Lincoln’s body from the house in which he died. Some examples of some permanent exhibits include Evolution of  the Microscope, Human Body, Human Being, and Battlefield Surgery 101. These were all very impressive and I learned a lot. The thing that impressed me the most about the musuem visit was the pregnancy displays that are shown. They virtually show you every month of pregnancy by giving you a display of what a specific shild will look like. This is a great place to go to learn about the body and mind as well as Abraham, Lincoln and what he went through when he was assassinated. This musuem is not far from Gallaudet and i would definitely recommend my friends to go as well.


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