Blood is thicker than water


Last night I sat motionless on my bed wondering how my life would be if my parents were not there for me. I am here today because of my parents; they mean the world to me, without them I would be nothing. My life would not be the same if it was not for them, honestly. I am more than grateful to be their daughter. They have both supplied me with food, warmth, patience, support, and unconditional love; I can not thank them more. My parents have made such a positive impact on my life. I come from a very strong family who is into the “deaf hood” and taught me to preserve the uniqueness and wonder of the deaf culture and its traditions. My dad had a rough childhood and he has taught me countless things about life through his experiences. I love those days when we would just sit in the family room and fire up the discussion regarding politics and religion. Tough topics. My father taught me to stand up for what I believe in, even if it means I stand alone. I was well disciplined, and was taught how to say ‘no’ when it comes to things that may be harmful to me after listening to my father’s childhood stories that in the end made him a strong gentleman today. What I have learned from my father will stick with me for rest of my life. I have developed really strong morals and values. My precious mother, Leisa, no one is able to replace her. She is one amazing mother and I am more than fortunate to have her as my mother and watch me grow from infant through adolescence to adulthood. She has worked so hard to ensure I live my life to the fullest. She always radiates light whenever she walks by, it was like she brought the sunshine into my room to greet me every morning of every day. I simply can not afford to lose them both. I am doing this not only for me, but for them also. I want to thank them both for sacrificing so much to send me to another country so I start to receive my secondary education at the age of seventeen. It means the world to me. Both my parents lost the opportunity to enroll at Gallaudet back in their day so this for them. I stand strong, tall and proud today because of them both.
I love you both dearly.

My parents and I on my Graduation Day

My parents and I on my Graduation Day


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