Spring Football!


We are now coming up on our third week of spring football practice and everything is going well so far. Just looking at the number of players we have, there are about 50 players that are on the team for spring training. That, along with our attendance rate for team workouts is showing a lot of improvement compared to what last year was like. There are some new faces as well so i’m excited to see where these players will fit in and see where they will play.

The thing that excites me the most is our new offense philosophy. Previous years, we ran the shotgun formation and had a lot of difficulty succeeding. Our offensive coaches just recently hired a hearing coach that previously coached at a high profile university that has ranked number one in the nation in rushing yards per game for the past 5 years in a row. He has brought along the Triple Option offense. This is the offense where you have the option to hand off to the fullback, let the quarterback keep it and run, or pitch it to the other runningback for a sweep. This is all done in one smooth motion and is VERY difficult to defend when playing defense. So far in spring practices, we have proved that we are capable of running this offense. Which comes to show my excitement for this upcoming season as we will be on our run for a conference championship. And yes that is actually possible this year despite our 2-8 season from last year.


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