NOOO……. I Broke My Phone!


Ok this might be something a girl might whine over but this really made me mad when it happened. I broke my phone this past Wednesday in half and was forced to buy another one online. It’s funny the way i broke it though. Let me first explain the kind of phone i have and how prone it is to breaking. I have a Wildcard from the company called Virgin Mobile. It’s a pre-paid phone company meaning i only pay for what i use and i pay for it before i use it. This eliminates the need for a contract which is great. My phone, the Wildcard, is a flip phone that’s about an inch thick. I’ve had it for about a year and a half now.

Anyways getting to what happened. I was laying in bed in my dorm room watching tv when my friend sitting next to me suddenly pulls out her camera from on top the desk. She wanted to take a mug shot of me pretty much watching tv and i saw her off the corner of my eye. It was at this time that i reached for my blanket and attempted to cover my face with it and fast. I didn’t realize it till after it was over but when i looked up, my phone was on the ground and IN HALF!! It was then i forgot that I had my phone sitting next to me on the blanket. So my phone pretty much lifted off like a plane does at the airport. Only this “plane” landed in disaster! lol. I like the metaphor i used.

I was forced to buy another phone because this is something that i simply cannot live without! I’m sure i’m not the only one too. My brothers are the same way. Even most of friends are addicted to texting and IM. I am constantly texting my family and friends and even sometimes to the point where it’s late at night. I was needing a new phone anyways so i went on the virgin mobile online website and saw a phone in stock for 99 bucks. Some features of it included video, camera, internet, texting, im, emails, games, and even had an mp3 player built in. To make it even better, this phone has an SD memory slot. This is something that i use for my digital camera and mp3 player so this will come in handy when putting music on my phone as well as videos. I’ve never owned a phone this cool before so i’ll have to see when i get it in the mail and see if breaking my Wildcard was worth it.


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