New Weightroom!


Ever since we came back from spring break, we’ve had brand new weightroom. It almost looks like those D-1 weightrooms that i’ve been to before like the University of Arkansas. We now have 6 benchpress/squat/powerclean machines that cover about half the room. Each have a big flat square-like block that bears the Bison! The weights on another end costs over 50,000 total. These new machines work on specific muscles. Such machines include an abdominal machine, bicep machine, tricep machine, and etc. Each machine works on a specific muscle and even has a smart system to it.

The machines are set up so where if you wanted to focus more on the toneness of the muscles, you could use a certain setting compared to if you were wanting to build size and strength. You can adjust the machine’s seats as well and put yourself in the best position to work the muscle. It helps you to use the best and most accurate form. And lastly, we have new cardio bikes that are upstairs. These machines are great for burning calories! They are more smooth and have many more options you can use such as speed and other things. I have used all of these machines for 3 weeks now and i am already seeing a difference in my stamina, muscle definition, muscle size, and muscle strength as well. Using these machines for the next few weeks will be a great tool in helping develop myself for next fall’s football season.


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